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I am new to coldfusion and I am stuck with looping a query within a function. For example, I have a function within which has a query which returns the names which starts with 'a'. but i am able to get only one value (first value) from the database.Actually in the db we have more than 1 values for this query.How should i loop the query within the function? Any help is appreciated...

<cffunction name="getNames" returntype="any">
<cfargument name="letter" required="true">
<cfquery name="getNamesfrmDB" datasource="test">
select * from employee where firstname like '#arguments.letter#%'

<cfreturn getNamesfrmDB/>

Thanks in advance...

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<cfoutput> will only ever return the first row. As Jason stated, add the query attribute to the tag to loop over your recordset. – Dan Short Nov 16 '11 at 15:21

ahh. I ready your question wrong... disregard previous answer..

You are passing the query straight out of the function, so it will be coming out as a query and you can treat it as such.

Use query="qname" in your cfouptut

<cffunction name="getNames" returntype="any">
        <cfargument name="letter" required="true">
        ... your query ..
        <cfreturn getNamesfrmDB/>

    <!---call the function--->
    <cfset names = getNames('a')>

    <!---now loop over the results using cfoutput--->
    <cfoutput query="names">

    <!---OR ALTERNATIVELY, as you can't use cfoutput inside cfoutput.. so if you are already inside a cfouput, you can also output query results using cfloop--->
        ..some other stuff...
        <cfloop query="names">
        ..some other stuff..
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