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How do I set a proper name for the recipient when in HTML I want to use the "mailto" tag.

Something like:

mailto:"John Wayne(

How do I achieve that ??

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you can. I added a link – Royi Namir Nov 16 '11 at 7:37

The original standard for mailto: links, RFC 1738, says this:

A mailto URL takes the form:


where <rfc822-addr-spec> is (the encoding of an) addr-spec, as specified in RFC 822 [6].

Under that definition, no proper name could be included.

But the mailto: section of RFC 1738 has been superseded by RFC 2368, which allows (among other things, including predefined subject lines) for an RFC 822 mailbox specification—which includes a proper name.

[2016-05-31] As David Balažic points out in a comment, RFC 2368 is in turn obsoleted by RFC 6068. From Section 9, “Main Changes from RFC 2368”:

The main changes from RFC 2368 are as follows:

In actual use, mailto:Fred Foo<> still seems to work, but it’s not officially supported; you may also have to encode the space, i.e., mailto:Fred%20Foo<>, and/or put the name in quotes, i.e., mailto:"Fred Foo"<>.

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Note that that RFC 2368 is obsoleted by RFC 6068 , which defines addr-spec = local-part "@" domain , so it seems display name is not allowed in it. – David Balažic May 24 at 17:42

This will work:

You have to wrap the name in %22 and the email has %3c before it and %3e after it and %20 for spaces

That will output: "John Wayne"<>

Full list of URL Encoding here:

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I tried

mailto:John Wayne<>?subject...

and it seems to work.

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  <a href="mailto:lala lala2( Comments&cc=ASTARK1@UNL.EDU&bcc=id@internet.node">ddddd</a>

Remember to use only one ? (question mark), when providing multiple entries beyond e-mail address

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Not sure if it really tackles my original question :-) where is the Name of the recipient on the TO part? – SF Developer Nov 16 '11 at 18:14
@Filu Try now.......... – Royi Namir Nov 16 '11 at 20:44

This all depends on what mail client you use. I've tried that long before at Outlook express and it's ok. But after many years, I use Dream Mail and it will only bring in the mail address part while leave out the name part.

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Encode the uri and assign it to mailto.

Also your email and display name need to be formed as either John Wayne <> or (John Wayne).

Make sure you did encodeURI for these. Else it wont work properly in different mailclients.

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You can't set the receipt name on mailto links

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sorry for the last comment . I was the stupid who didnt read the question properly. – Royi Namir Nov 16 '11 at 20:42
but you still CAN do it. – Royi Namir Nov 16 '11 at 20:43
Yes you can; see the other answers. – J. C. Salomon Apr 28 '13 at 17:31

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