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I have an processing image from Gallery in phone. i used the below code to crop and scale image to a specific size since i had to process very large scale images. The code worked fine for scaling and cropping, But unfortunately it resized the smaller image(120*120) to (1024*768).

Is there any specific way to avoid scaling to smaller images?

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT, null);
intent.putExtra("crop", "true");
intent.putExtra("aspectX", 4);
intent.putExtra("aspectY", 3);
intent.putExtra("outputX", 1024);   
intent.putExtra("outputY", 768);
intent.putExtra("scale", true);
intent.putExtra("return-data", return_data);
intent.putExtra(MediaStore.EXTRA_OUTPUT, getTempUri());
intent.putExtra("outputFormat", Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG.toString());
startActivityForResult(intent, PHOTO_PICKED);
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