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any one can help me setup a java web-application profiling with the JProfiler(7.0.1).
I have searching on net but i have found only for the application that contain main calss in it.
give me any link or doc that give step-by-step idea for setting profiling with java web-application.

Thanks all for your reply..
i have successfully integrate JProfiler with my application..
But i have not find any execution time description for the particular method can anyone know how to see the execution time for the request or any method..

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The easiest way to configure a standalone server for profiling (whether running locally or remotely) is by invoking

Session->Integration Wizards->New Server Integration

from JProfiler's main menu. In the integration wizard you can select your server and then you follow the steps in the integration wizard.

enter image description here

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Get a look at this, you'll find all the explanations about profiling a webapp:

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You should create a new question for your "edited" part.
However, I'll try to answer it here:

If you really need the execution times, you must profile in "instrumentation mode" (which will slow down profiling significantly) But in the most cases, a percentage value (sampling mode, CPU Call Tree/Hotspots) is enough for finding the bottleneck.

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