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I test software and find the iphone configuration tool's Console Log very useful. Unfortunately the iPad needs to be tethered to the PC to get the log.

I would like to be able to work in an untethered environment. Is there an app that can act like the confuguration utility - in particular clear the log, record messages, display the log as text, and then mail that sub-section of the log to me.

Also is there a way to see a list of crash logs, and access them and get copies of them without having to use iTunes to sync first.


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Instead of using NSLog and then read them using an extra app, I would rather recommend using a better logging framework for these purposes, e.g. NSLogger or CocoaLumberjack, or even both together: https://github.com/steipete/NSLogger-CocoaLumberjack-connector NSLogger allows you to see your log messages via bonjour on a mac client, even images, and Cocoalumberjack is way faster than NSLog and provides options to store the data to an extra file.

You can not access the system created crash reports, since they are not accessible via the sandbox. Instead I recommend using PLCrashReporter based solution to catch the crash reports yourself. This works for debug, beta and app store builds. I highly recommend to use this also for app store build, since iTunes Connect will always give you only a fraction of the really happening crashes, and even those after a long delay. (Check these blog posts to see why: http://taptaptap.com/blog/cameraplus-2-3-1-available-attack-of-the-crashinator/ and http://www.hockeyapp.net/blog/2011/5/28/dont-be-afraid-of-crashes.html ).

For managing the crash reports you can use the open source framework QuincyKit on top of PLCrashReporter together with your own open source server installation (bundled with QuincyKit) and setup automatic symbolication using your Mac. Or you can use QuincyKit together with the HockeyApp service, which will do the server side symbolication, grouping by source code etc. for you. It is possible to add additional data, e.g. the console log from above, to the crash report when sending it using QuincyKit.

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Although it's an old answer, but it worth to mention that Crashlyrics can also be used for crash reports lapwinglabs.com/blog/bluu-testflight-crashlytics-hockeyapp –  manman Nov 18 at 21:38

For crash reporting we've used PLCrashReporter before. http://code.google.com/p/plcrashreporter/

It worked pretty well and it's not too difficult to get running, but we were using it during one of those pesky periods where the current release of XCode at the time wasn't symbolicating logs properly. So there wasn't much point in it for us.

From memory it gives you a portal that you can log in to get your crash logs from.

As far as the console logs go: I was looking for something that did that just last week. The closest I could find was this: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/console/id317676250

This SO question has more: objective c iphone : can we view console log on device

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I used an iPhone app called System Console on my iPad to capture the details. The app allows the log to be opened in Pages and can then be saved as a PDF file if you need to send it to someone. Does not require tethering to a PC or Mac. It was free as of 3/1–2012.

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