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Has anyone gotten VisualWorks running under OpenBSD? It's not an officially supported platform, but one of the Cincom guys was telling me that it should be able to run under a linux compatibility mode. How did you set it up?

I already have Squeak running without a problem, so I'm not looking for an alternative. I specifically need to run VisualWorks's Web Velocity for a project.


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See the OpenBSD FAQ, specifically section 9.4 - Running Linux Binaries on OpenBSD.

Typically there are more steps needed then just kern.emul.linux=1 unless you have statically linked (i.e. completely stand-alone) binaries. The good news is that packages exist that contain Linux libs, and they are easy to install. This is all detailed in the above link.

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if you're wondering about setting up linux compatibility mode and you're running the GENERIC kernel:

# sysctl kern.emul.linux=1

to enable at boot uncomment the kern.emul.linux=1 line in /etc/sysctl.conf

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