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This is an example code The share window in the iframe worked fine for some time now, just today when I looked it didn't display anything.

Some browsers display this message(IE,Opera)

"The website does not permit its content to be displayed in a frame. It must be displayed in a separate window.

Could facebook changed its policy on this over night?

The url is correct, I tried it in a new window and displays ok. Does anybody had the same issue and if so is there a solution?

PS:I'm using iframe because I need to enable this functionality on multiple domains. Also tried on multiple browsers, same thing.

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Due to clickjacking you have not typically been able to iframe a share button (without an exploit) for quite some time. Facebook did change the way they handle their pages being iframed a few weeks ago. Before you could disable javascript from being ran in the browser and the page would render in an iframe, now facebook will not give you any info at all through iframe.

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I'm not trying to display the share button in the iframe, but the share window. And this doesn't explain why it worked before – razvan Nov 16 '11 at 10:00

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