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update Asset_Table 
set P.Asset = L.Asset ,
 P.Update_By = 'BATCH_JOB' ,
 P.Update_Ts =  datediff(ss,'01/01/1970',getdate()),
 P.Machine_Name = 'PENTA'  
 from Asset_table  P , RateDB..User_Asset L
 where P.User_Id     =L.User_Id
 and  L.process_status = 'WIP'
 and upd_ins_del_flag = 'U'   and process_pid = 2

The above is a sybase query.Can anyone help me the equivalent of this query in Oracle.

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The only thing that's (obviously) different is the calculation of the Unix timestamp:

(SYSDATE - to_date('19700101','YYYYMMDD')) * 86400

id the Oracle equivalent of


But Oracle won't be too happy with a table called "RateDB..User_Asset"

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Also, Oracle won't let you Update t Set ... with a From/Where clause. –  Jeffrey Kemp Nov 16 '11 at 12:36

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