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In the application I'm building I have Tabs and a list in for each Tab. the behavior I want is when I press the Left/Right Nav Key the selected Tab will change. when I press the Up/Down Nav Key the List will change selection index.

I used LWUIT GUI builder to generate StateMachine/StateMachineBase class.

I've been trying to fix this all day. please help.

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Pheromix's answer is correct but he didn't account for the UIBuilder. To override the Form creation in the UIBuilder override the method:

protected Component createComponentInstance(String componentType, Class cls) {
    if(cls == com.sun.lwuit.Form.class) {
        return new MyFormSubclass();
    return super.createComponentInstance(componentType, cls);

There is an option to override the Tab selection behavior but to get the most accurate behavior this might be the best approach.

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Thank you very much! –  bernardnapoleon Nov 25 '11 at 4:01

Why do you complicate your life ? Just use keyReleased method implementation in your class. Make a test :

if (display.getGameAction(keyCode) == Display.GAME_LEFT || display.getGameAction(keyCode) == Display.GAME_RIGHT)
    if (tab.getSelectedIndex == 0)
else if (display.getGameAction(keyCode) == Display.GAME_UP || display.getGameAction(keyCode) == Display.GAME_DOWN)
    if (list.hasFocus())
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I don't know why either. I tried that but I can't. when I tried to access from the StateMachine class the form is already created. there is no chance for me to override the keyRelease(); Just now I was able to override it. but I'm not sure it's the proper implementation. in beforeMainForm() I added f.addGameKeyListener() the do the selection from there. Still super Thanx bro! –  bernardnapoleon Nov 16 '11 at 13:22

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