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I'm trying to implement a custom in-band registration module for ejabberd, which requires a little bit of specialized back and forth using custom clients. Since this contains a bunch of business logic and I'm not really comfortable using Erlang yet, I'd like to implement it as an external component of some sort. Is XEP-0114 (Jabber Component Protocol) usable for this, or will unregistered clients not be able to contact it (catch 22)?

What are other valid approaches for externalizing ejabberd components/modules? Ideally I'd like a Gearman-like setup in which ejabberd can distribute certain actions to external programs, but am so far stumped by the lack of documentation and working code on the Erlang side.

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As an update, I am currently heading towards a solution involving a simple ejabberd module publishing messages to a rabbitmq server via bunny_farm and clients processing these messages on the other end. I'll write this up in an answer once it's more complete. – deceze Nov 17 '11 at 14:32
What language are you comfortable with? – ggozad Feb 8 '12 at 17:08

If you are familiar with python, a really clean and performant way is to use Twisted in combination with wokkel. A simple example here: ejabberd supports XEP-0144 just fine. If you want custom logic to manage users you can combine your component with XEP-133 Service Administration

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