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I have defined a self-referenced entity: Category as shown in the docs.

It basically creates a non-sortable tree.

What DQL query should I perform that will select all of the parent, parent's parent....?

EDIT: I currently select all categories, left joining their parents . Then I use an entity method to extract all ancestors without additional queries:

public function hereToRoot( $allCategories )
    $ancestors = array();
    $leftJoinedParent = $this->getParent();
    //add parents
    while ( !is_null($leftJoinedParent) ) {
        $nextAncestor = $allRoles[$leftJoinedParent->getId()];
        $ancestors[] = $nextAncestor;
        $leftJoinedParent = $nextAncestor->getParent();
    return array_reverse($ancestors);
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If you want to have tree-like entities, it's better to use corresponding extensions. GitHub repo for them is here.

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That's unnecessary complex for my task :). For now the manual PHP manipulation is rather simple. –  antitoxic Nov 23 '11 at 10:48

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