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In my application I have a listView. I want to update its content on a regular basis.

I use string XML file in res folder, which contains strings that populate the listView. What I want to do is check for an update when the application starts (assume I have my own updating system on private server), if update is found:

Download new XML file with the new strings, update them in the listView.

From what I read you can't just simply replace the XML files in the res folder.

How can I update the listView content from external XML? Or is there a better way to do it other than this?

Why do I want this? Since I am only updating small content, I don't want the user to download the whole APK file instead of few lines of text.

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You can put your xml file in internal storage of application, and whenever you get update just replace your xml file.

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thanks for the answer even tho i dont know how to implement this,you directed me to the right idea – Maghster Nov 16 '11 at 11:31
@Maghster - put your file in data/data/<package name>/files directory, and use it, now whenever you get update for this file using file operation or replacing the file can solve your problem. – user370305 Nov 16 '11 at 11:35
i @user370305 managed to get the xml file in data/data/<package name>/files directory now to use it in all of my activities do i need to read it from cache or i have to read from the file in each activity? – Maghster Nov 29 '11 at 8:12

Inside your activity, Use the following functions to update a file.

public synchronized void writeXML(String data) throws IOException {
    FileOutputStream fOut = null;
    OutputStreamWriter osw = null;
    fOut = openFileOutput("yourData.txt", Context.MODE_PRIVATE);
    osw = new OutputStreamWriter(fOut);


private synchronized String readXML() throws IOException {
    FileInputStream stream = openFileInput("yourData.txt");
    try {
        FileChannel fc = stream.getChannel();
        MappedByteBuffer bb =, 0, fc
        return Charset.defaultCharset().decode(bb).toString();
    } finally {
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