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Is it possible to define different profiles in gradle? I've written a WebApplication and i want to deploy it with the production settings. Furthermore my app is using PrettyFaces. Since i'm using different two languages i also want a language sepcific build. Here is my use case: production/en, production/ru

The build with a specific language indicates which db to use and which language is the default one. Furthermore the urls (PrettyFaces) are different files. In my opinion i need a different web.xml and a different pretty-faces.xml ?

Thanks in advance!

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Here are some options:

  1. Create a task for each setting, so you can do gradle buildEn or gradle buildRu to differentiate the builds. You can write each task manually, or dynamically generate them.

  2. Pass a project property to your build, e.g. gradle build -Plang=ru. Then you can reference lang from your task and do the logic there. Project properties can also be specified in file if you don't like passing the property every time. Anyway check this out.

  3. Probably not what you want, but you can add behaviour to your build if a certain task is present in the build graph (in the example additional logic is executed when graph contains release task).

Good luck

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Cool, worked for me! Thanks! :))) – Alebon Feb 28 '12 at 23:15

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