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I am developing a Java web application . I will need to send SMS to a mobile user from the application . How do I achieve this without using a mobile phone for sending SMS?. I am relatively new to Networks . Please advice .

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google will helps you. –  bharath Nov 16 '11 at 10:26

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If you are in the US you could use Twilio. It costs 1 cent per SMS and you can send the messages through their REST API. They also have Java libraries.

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You should use SMS gateway. See here some gateways

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Did you make a decision of what protocol has to be used for sms sending? A lot of SMS centers provide REST or SOAP API to send SMS messages. SOAP and REST are much more simpler than SMPP protocol (that is rather low-level) to my mind.

  1. If you will decide to use SMPP protocol, there is SMPPSim tool which is SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) simulator and allows to test SMS sending functionality in a simple way. So you don't need access to any of real SMSCs.
  2. If your SMS provider allows to use SOAP to send SMS messages, you can use SoapUI Service Mocking that also allows to develop a client for a SOAP service without access to the real one.
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Thank you all. Let me try SMPPSim as my application is simple one .Il get back if any issue . –  imran Nov 16 '11 at 12:41

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