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On my page http://example.com/games/games/ipad.html I have links such as:

<a href="/../2010/junee2010/44/Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars HD.html">

This should resolve to the URL


but the "/games" is missing from the URL path when the link is followed. Instead, the link resolves to:


I try moving the page with the links to http://sitename/games/games/games/ipad.html, but it didn't change the URLs of the links. Using jQuery to remove the leading "/" from the href fixes the link URLs, but this is a overly complex solution.

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Remove the slash at the beginning:

<a href="../2010/junee2010/44/Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars HD.html">link</a>
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This is parse of site - there are many places where I must manual do this - can I do this with page url manipulation? –  Vyacheslav Loginov Nov 16 '11 at 10:51
No. The slash at the beginning makes the whole URL relative to the root of the site (http://sitename/). –  Mathias Bynens Nov 16 '11 at 11:00

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