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I'm trying to measure duration of something. when it start I call start_time = time(NULL); when it ends:

time_t a_time = time(NULL) - start_time;
struct tm * ts = localtime(&a_time);
char time_buff[32];
memset (time_buff,0,32);
sprintf (time_buff, "Duration: %02d:%02d:%02d", ts->tm_hour, ts->tm_min, ts->tm_sec);

The problem is that ts->tm_hour is always 2.

Please advise. Thanks, Nahum

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do you eventualy live in a country where the time is 2 hours away from UTC time ?

replace your call to localtime() (which is in your current timezone) by a call to gmtime().

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Thanks!......... –  nmnir Nov 16 '11 at 11:10

The function localtime converts the time to a complete date and time. You better convert it to days, hours and minutes yourself though divisions and modulo operations.

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Why not use a function that returns the amount of milliseconds elapsed (clock or gettimeofday) and then convert to hour/min/sec?

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