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EDITED Im developing an application which is having the reporting section.I need to do.....

  1. Show the data's from DB in tabular format
  2. To give the options to save the visible data's in a .doc , .pdf and .xls Is there reporting tool that exposes Java API and produces reports in .doc, . PDFs and .xls format?(like report viewer for .NET).
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I think Jasper Reports can help you, look at swing example

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Thanks for your reply.How to give the options to the user for saving the report's in there required format. –  Mukthi Nov 17 '11 at 5:21

In addition to Jasper, I suggest looking into Eclipse BIRT (especially if you are already using Eclipse as your development environment).

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You will be even better off, if you use iReport, which is an amazing report designer for Jasper reports. You can run it standalone or as a plug-in for Netbeans.

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May be JasperReports which is most popular open source reporting engine.

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Reporting tool does not depend on your IDE (NetBeans) and typically does not depend on the way you are creating GUI (Swing).

So, your question is "Is there reporting tool that exposes Java API and produces reports in .doc, .pdf or .xls format?"

Please take a look here. I hope it is a good start.

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more than report name(s) +1 –  mKorbel Nov 16 '11 at 12:35

Try JasperReports.

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