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I have a process on windows, lets call it DDD.exe .
That process runs several times parallel. I open the task manager. I would like to change the name of the process that runs that it will contained also a number.
For instance: DDD1.exe , DDD2.exe etc' . Can I do that ?


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Imagine what malware could do with this capability. –  Raymond Chen Nov 16 '11 at 15:23

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If all you want is to differentiate between the instances, it's already there, in the process's PID column.

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That field is the file name of the executable. The only way to change it is to make copies of the executable with different names. I don't imagine you want to do that.

I personally use Process Explorer as my task manager. When you hover over an entry in Process explorer, a hint window is displayed containing the command line passed to the process. You could make use of this feature if you passed a benign ID parameter when you created each process.

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