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I'm having trouble understanding how to get repositories in the "Indexed Maven Repositories" list of the IntelliJ IDEA.

In one my project I have two repos in this list: one local and one (main) remote (see attached screenshot below). And in other project (created using AppFuse template) I have only one (local) repo in list.

I'm tried to add the repos in pom.xml file and in settings.xml file, but the repos did not appear in this "magic" list.

And this means:

  1. I can't see artifactId and versions of artifacts in dropdownlist (Ctrl+SPACE)
  2. IDEA can't find the necessary artifacts (or his versions). It is looking only in my local repo

Version of IntelliJ IDEA: 11.0

Version of Maven: 2.2.1

snapshot of settings

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of course sorry for my English.. – dnim Nov 16 '11 at 10:57
I've just been looking at this and I think you havent tested the latest enterprise version properly. If you change the "User setting file:" to the name of a file that doesn't exist the system doesn't even show an error. If you change the settings file it is not pickd up. Not impressed. – user2895222 Oct 18 '13 at 14:38
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This list is updated automatically from the repositories specified in your pom files (or inherited from parent project's pom and settings.xml).

If you open a project that has some additional repositories specified, you'll see them in this list and will be able to update the indices.

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yep! It's really works.. I found the problem in other place (some of artifacts has a wrong versions..) Thank you, Anton! ) – dnim Nov 16 '11 at 16:03

You can manage these settings by editing your settings.xml file of the project

  1. Open the Project file list (Ctrl-1)
  2. Find your main parent pom.xml file
  3. Right click on it Choose Maven -> Open 'settings.xml'

As you can see it is a local copy of settings.xml file for your project. There is you can add/remove active repositories of the project. Look at the settings->repositories manual for details.

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