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I have a Drupal site with a lot of calculations and database requests on each page load (running on an Amazon EC2 server). I am curious how my site would hold up if it became popular or in some other way received heavy traffic. Perhaps the most important thing for me is to locate potential bottlenecks in my code.

What are the best tools for stress testing and finding bottlenecks in a Drupal site? Right now I'm not using any cache module. I've read about the MemCached module and some about Varnish.

Anyone who can share their experiences?

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Generally php does not do great in really large scale projects. That is why google does not support php in their app engine.

Facebook which was made in php had to be compiled into c++ for better performance.

Having said that here are the some of the tools ( I have not used them )

http://www.webload.org/ http://xdebug.org/ - to profile your php code besides debugging

cheers, Vishal

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xdebug seems like a good tool for profiling the PHP code. Thanks! – hamohl Nov 16 '11 at 19:56

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