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I am newbie to PostgreSQL and PostGIS. I want to store latitude and longitude values in PostgreSQL 9.1.1 database table. I will calculate distance between two points, find nearer points by using this location values.

Which data type should I use for latitude and longitude?

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If you're doing two points (2D lat/lon map) I'd use the Geometry data type. If you need to introduce altitude or curvature of the earth in your distance calcs, Geography is where you want to go. –  Twelfth Dec 8 '11 at 19:21

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You can use the datatype point - combines (x,y) which can be your lat / long. Or make it two columns of type float or real (if additional precision is not needed).

Read the fine manual here and here.

The geography data type will occupy one column in your table. Read more in the PostGis manual here.

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Thanks! This is really helpful. –  Michael P. Mar 29 at 1:26

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