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Our application uses embedded xulrunner. We override the default PromptService to provide custom dialogs for alert, prompt, etc by

componentRegistrar.RegisterFactory (PROMPTSERVICE_CID, aClassName, aContractID, MyPromptServiceFactory);


PROMPTSERVICE_CID is "a2112d6a-0e28-421f-b46a-25c0b308cbd0"
CONTRACT_ID is "@mozilla.org/embedcomp/prompt-service;1"

When using XULRunner 1.9.* versions, this works perfectly and the call comes to MyPromptSerivceFactory. But, this doesn't work on newer XULRunner versions (>= 4.0)

I have modified the PROMPTSERVICE_CID to "7ad1b327-6dfa-46ec-9234-f2a620ea7e00" (copied from nsPrompter.manifest). While registering the factory I get the error NS_ERROR_FACTORY_EXISTS.

If I continue to use the old PROMPTSERVICE_CID, then nsIPromptService2 is not used instead nsIWindowCreator2.CreateChromeWindow2 is used to display alerts and prompts.

I have googled on this, but I couldn't find a solution to either fix the NS_ERROR_FACTORY_EXISTS error or for MyPromptServiceFactory to be used.

Any help/suggestions?

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It would probably be better to use the existing prompt service the way Firefox does it rather than replace it. If you look at nsPrompter.openPrompt(), before opening a modal dialog it will try to locate and call a JavaScript function getTabModalPrompt() in the window containing the browser. It expects to get a promptBox element back and will call methods appendPrompt() and removePrompt() on it. Obviously, you don't have to give it a promptBox element, just something that behaves similarly - and displays a message any way you like.

But if you really want to replace system components, you shouldn't duplicate prompter's CID - use your own one but @mozilla.org/prompter;1 as contract ID (the old contract ID is for backwards compatibility only).

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Thanks a lot! Using @mozilla.org/prompter;1 as contract ID, I could fix the problem. How to get my own CID to be used in RegisterFactory? –  lakshmip Nov 17 '11 at 9:23
@lakshmip: Just generate some UUID. E.g. use famkruithof.net/uuid/uuidgen –  Wladimir Palant Nov 17 '11 at 10:12

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