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I need to expose a COM interface with a method that implement one fixed size array parameter. The array size is fixed because the consumer is based on a tecnology in which you must declare the array size. So I could do something like this

public interface _DocSolutionsClassic

    void Execute( string[] InputParams);

and it works for me, but there is a different dimension error by the consumer.

I would like to write something lik this

void Execute( string[50] InputParams);

or this

string[] InputParams = new string[50];
void Execute(string[] InputParams);

But Vstudio 2010 give me an error...

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The 'string' is not really a type that should be used as a parameter in COM method. You should go with BSTR, or similar. –  user472155 Nov 16 '11 at 11:31

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Perhaps this could help:

IDL code snippet:

[id(1), helpstring("method foobar")] HRESULT foobar( BSTR * bstrs, ULONG size );

This way you can send any number of strings. The 'size' parameter is actually the number of strings that 'bstrs' points to.

Note: Use SysAllocString()/SysFreeString() for string allocation/deallocation (or some equivalent in your environment).

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