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I'm trying to figure out which simplejson module to use. Having looked back through my project I can see in some places I am using a mixture of both:

  • django.utils.simplejson
  • google.appengine.ext.key_range.simplejson

Which should I be using and why?

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If you are on py27 you can use the native JSON library which is much faster than simplejson. –  sahid Nov 16 '11 at 14:46

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Where did you see anything recommending the use of google.appengine.ext.key_range.simplejson? That is only available because the key_range package happens to import simplejson. Don't use it like that.

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I honestly don't know, I guess I just copy and pasted it from somewhere... Thanks. –  John Nov 16 '11 at 11:44

For a least a few months now, you can simply:

import simplejson

and it works fine; no need to find it in some random package.

And, of course, in the Python 2.7 runtime, json is part of the standard library.

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Functionality is probably the same for both, but I would use django.utils.simplejson, here is why:

  • google.appengine.ext.key_range.simplejson is not mentioned by any GAE documents so it may get removed at some point.
  • django.utils.simplejson has more probability to being updated along with django and it seems there is less change it will be removed in the future.
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