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In my project users can enter the URL of a website and the system goes and fetches all images from this website. Because the src of the image can be relative, the system "normalizes" it, so:

  • an image with src="http://host.com/image1.png" becomes "http://host.com/image1.png" (no change)
  • an image with src="/image2.png" becomes "http://host.com/image2.png" (prepend host)
  • an image on "http://host.com/sub/dir/page.html" with src="image3.png" becomes "http://host.com/sub/dir/image3.png" (prepend host and path)

Now take a look at this page if you may:


If you have a look at the source code, the main image is implemented as <img src="prodbilder/large/JJI10002.jpg"...

This would lead me to the conclusion that the absolute path is http://www.presentkuriren.se/presenter/4/728/Karlek/prodbilder/large/JJI10002.jpg, which it is not. It's http://www.presentkuriren.se/prodbilder/large/JJI10002.jpg and all browsers seem to understand that and display it correctly...

I'm slightly baffled and feel like I'm missing something obvious... please point it out to me!

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Would you mind explaining why this is a problem? –  Harry Cho Mar 22 at 7:08
Didn't I state the problem clearly in the second last paragraph? –  Manuel Meurer Mar 22 at 10:37

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There's the <base /> tag in the head:

<base href="http://www.presentkuriren.se/">

So all relative URLs (from images, links, ...) are relative to this one!

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Wow, I've never seen this before... thanks! –  Manuel Meurer Nov 17 '11 at 11:10

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