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I'm creating an app that tracks activity on a user's wall: posts made on the wall, and likes and comments in those posts.

I would like to save that activity into a database, and for the script to look for new activity based on the most recent timestamp saved to the database.

This is fairly easy to accomplish for posts and comments which have their creation time returned, but I haven't been able to find anything similar for post likes. The closest I've come is returning a user's likes, but that only for pages.

Are post likes even timestamped, and if they are, is there any way to retrieve that information?

The only alternative is running through the user's posts every time we need to check activity in his wall, but it's kind of an intense process...

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Based on a fast Google search for "Facebook Like Timestamp" and clicking on the 4th hit, it would appear that the association between a post object and the 'like' event is logged and stored internally with a timestamp, but not necessarily available through the API at this time.

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I saw that, but don't have an account in Quora so I can't see the answers in full. The last one especially, "Depending on where and what you "liked", it may appear in your stre..." Was hoping someone here could maybe clarify the matter. Also, that was in August and from what I've seen Facebook changes things around fairly frequently. –  Paulo Coelho Alves Nov 16 '11 at 13:17
I'm not a member of Quora either. However, since we now know the FB backend does log 'likes' with a timestamp, surely it's just a matter of trawling the API docs for a service that returns this data? Arguably if the timestamp is now exposed (since August, when it wasn't) then it should be showing-up in the API reference - and if it isn't, then it's still not exposed (yet). –  Eight-Bit Guru Nov 16 '11 at 14:47

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