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how to remove default close button in dialog page in jquery mobile 1.0. i'm using RC2 version.

thanks in advance.

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Please put this in your page or stylesheet:

.ui-dialog  .ui-header .ui-btn-icon-notext  { display:none;} 
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this does not work with jquery.mobile-1.2.0 anymore, however this solution works... –  Taifun Dec 10 '12 at 21:32
  .ui-dialog  .ui-header .ui-btn-icon-notext  { display:none;}

this doesn't work. at least with jquery.mobile-1.2.0

.ui-dialog .ui-header a[data-icon=delete] {
  display: none;

but this way works

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+1 thank you, your answer helped me here –  Taifun Dec 10 '12 at 21:23
Works fine in Jquery Mobile 1.3 too, thanks. –  plang May 1 '13 at 8:55

Now I'm using jQueryMobile 1.0.1. In this version no need to add this line in CSS file.

.ui-dialog  .ui-header .ui-btn-icon-notext  { display:none;} 
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If you have the situation that you want the close button refer to an arbitrary (not the last) page, you could also change the page to your desired close page first. Afterwards open the dialog like this:

// change to the "close" page first

now you can open the dialog and the close button will open #your_page_id_here

// for some reason you have to wrap it in a timeout         
   function( data){


  • solution works for single dialogs rather than removing all close buttons from all dialogs
  • seamless integration on a single point of code
  • history manipulation is not recommended, see here
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