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I am trying to get AverageRating and TotalReviews attributes from Product Advertising API for books, but Amazon Web Service (AWS) return "0" in a response.

I am using following web service in my project:


Response Groups:

request.ResponseGroup = new string[] { "ItemAttributes", "Reviews", "Images" };

Can any one guide me how can I access above mentioned parameters.

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On November 8, 2010 the Reviews response group of the Product Advertising API will no longer return customer reviews content and instead will return a link to customer reviews content hosted on Amazon.com.So you won't be able to fetch back the AverageRating and Totalreviews.

Amazon API latest documentation:


Looks like you can't get sellerfeedback from the new API:

Product Advertising API Change Details The following changes will take effect on 11/1/2011:

Seller Operations: The SellerLookup, SellerListingLookup and SellerListingSearch operations will be deprecated. All requests for these operations will be rejected with a corresponding error message.

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