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An application creates a zip file and stores it to Google Storage. I am working on the web server side which is responsible for grabbing the zip file extract the contents etc. The web service is written in Python App Engine. So far I have set the credentials and by following the tutorials I am able to list buckets contents. Although I am able to read the metadata and file information I am not able to get the contents to zip file module. Following this guide I have ended up in that spot which is not working:

uri = boto.storage_uri(BUCKET_NAME, GOOGLE_STORAGE)
objs = uri.get_bucket()
files = []
for obj in objs:
  object_contents = StringIO.StringIO()
  if obj.get_key():
    my_zip = zipfile.ZipFile(object_contents)
print len(files)  

I am getting: BadZipfile: File is not a zip file

How can I read the content properly?

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There's now an API that lets you manipulate objects in Google Storage directly. Using that, you can get a file-like object for the zipfile, and simply pass that to the zipfile module.

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