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I'm implementing TinyMCE in a website and I'm having issues with pasting, I wondered if anyone has had this bug before.

The basic structure inside the textarea is like this:

<h5>I am a heading</h5>
<p>I am a paragraph</p>

So when I first start editing if I place the cursor at the beginning of the editor and hit return a couple of times, then go back to the top to paste something in above the h5, the paste wipes out the h5.

When I look in the format dropdown before I paste, it says I'm still in a heading 5 and in the status bar it says 'Path: div » h3 » span.-span', is there a common solution to this problem?


Update - I've just noticed this happens when I insert a line break instead of pasting too.

Update 2 - It happens to the h5 if I have applied a colour to it within TinyMCE.

So I colour the heading, then put the cursor before it, press return and try to paste/line break in the new space above and that clears it out. When coloured the html of the h5 looks like this:

    <span style="color: #0000ff;">
        I am a heading
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Is this happening in all browser. Try another one. –  jmav Nov 16 '11 at 13:15
Same as you described works fine. I tested (FireFox) on Maybe you don't have latest version of tinymce? –  jmav Nov 16 '11 at 13:21
Looks like tinymce wraps your pasted content inside the default tinymce block element (a div in your case). what happens if you paste inside the paragraph? –  Thariama Nov 16 '11 at 15:22
Aha, inside a paragraph it works fine, but I think I've found a related cause, I've edited the question. –  bbeckford Nov 16 '11 at 15:32

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Ok, I revisited this problem and I figured it out.

It seems that through either something I did or through some bug from an action on TinyMCE (perhaps paste from Word?) a clearing div got wrapped around the content (or sometimes part of the content) and saved in the database that looked like this:

<div style="clear: both;">
    The content

Whenever a paste or a linebreak insert was done inside this div it cleared the rest of the content, and removing the div fixed the issue.

I'm sorry I cannot uncover what caused this but I hope that at least helps anyone searching.


I think this may have to do with pasting from word and the allowed tags in tinyMCE. Using tinyMCE as a more fully fledged web page editor I believe it is good practice to include the following line in the initialization options:

valid_elements : '*[*]'

That will make tinyMCE allow any html tags you wish, and though I have yet to test it I believe this would also fix my pasting issue.

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