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Is it possible to use the Matlab save command inside a function to store workspace variables?

Consider following scenario: I've got a bunch of variables in the Matlab workspace and want all that are beginning with "a" and "b" in a .mat file. Of course this works:


but i want to have a variable filename. The function i wrote:

function save_with_name(name)

does not work, because save_with_name doesn't see the workspace variables. Is there a solution which i can use?

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You need to evaluate save in the base workspace.

function save_with_name(name)
expression = ['save(''', name, ''',''a*'',''b*'')'];

The double-quotes ('') in the expression are necessary to allow the quote character itself ('). Thus the command you're looking for is: evalin

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+1. Might want 'caller' instead of 'base'; then it would work when called from other functions as well. – Andrew Janke Nov 16 '11 at 17:29

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