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I'm trying to download a small zip file (1159 bytes) and pipe it through funzip. This works great with larger files fro that server. However three small files give me an error: Broken pipe, closing control connection.

I use the following code:

wget -O - --ftp-user=username --ftp-password=secret ftp://server/small-file.zip | funzip

Also downloading the file directly works good, only the piping to funzip doesn't work. I suspect the file is too small.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

Edit: Size doesn't seem to matter (don't let the girls tell you otherwise :)), even files of 400 bytes are not giving errors

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Ok, if nobody can answer it, I'll answer it myself

I found there are two solutions, one is limiting the download rate for wget


This works for the files of around 1kb but now sometimes larger files seem to suffer from the same error. It also slows down the whole process.

Now I just pipe the download through a script that sleeps 1 second at the end. This seems to solve it.

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