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I am working on to display JSON data into jQgrid . And able to displayed it properly . Able to display data when response like :

{"page":"1","total":3,"records":"22","rows":[{"id":"1","cell":["1","test name","Owner1"]},{"id":"2","cell":["2","new test name","Owner2"]}]}

But having the issue when the name updated with the '<>' and jQgrid will not displayed the name and shows the empty name value

{"page":"1","total":3,"records":"22","rows":[{"id":"1","cell":["1","<test name>","Owner1"]},{"id":"2","cell":["2","<new test name>","Owner2"]}]}

I have one way to do this that will replace this character at the time of fetching value from DB . But its not appropriate .

I am searching for the javascript or jQgrid function to display this name value or convert before load .

Let me know if you have any idea .

Thanks in Advance

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You should use autoencode: true option of jqGrid.

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If you want to massage your data in any way before it gets inserted into the grid, try looking at the beforeProcessing event. That will let you loop through your returned data and clean it if you need to.

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