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I am trying to log via the NLog MailTarget. It works just fine, but i wanted to wrap the mailtarget with the BufferedTargetWrapper to buffer the log messages until a predefined codepoint, where i want to manually flush the buffer and send the previusly buffered log messages by an single mail (like defined in the mail target).

If I define a FlushTimeout or the BufferSize of the BufferedTargetWrapper everything still works just fine as supposed. But if the FlushTimeout and the BufferSize is not set, i can't get it to work.

Like answered in this question on SO Force BufferingTargetWrapper to empty i have no something like that:

 LogManager.Configuration.AllTargets.Where(t => t != null && t is BufferingTargetWrapper).ToList().
            ForEach(b => ((BufferingTargetWrapper)b).Flush(null));

But the documentation and this answer is contradictory to my NLog Version ( There is no flush method without parameters, only the flush method for asynchronous targets.

Is there a way to force the BufferingTargetWrapper to flush all the logged messages to the wrapped target (to send it by mail)?

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According to the documentation your approach should not work, but it is fine. Just give the flush method an empty lambda expression:

    .ForEach(b => b.Flush(e =>
            //do nothing here
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Works nice! Thanks! – dasheddot Nov 23 '11 at 21:27
This works very well! – Tim Friesen May 11 at 14:27

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