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I am trying to have a short hand for an if statement as I am building an expression query and if test is null the accessor causes an error.

test != null ? test.Contains("mystring") : NO_VLAUE

I am looking for:

test != null ? test.Contains("mystring")

otherwise ignore.

I know I can use a ?? for is null but is there an inverse.

Thanks in advance.

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Empty string maybe? –  Gilad Naaman Nov 16 '11 at 14:46

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It sounds like you want test != null && test.Contains("mystring")

Your question as asked doesn't make sense. All expressions, including the conditional operator, must have a value. What would you expect that expression to evaluate to if test is null?

You probably want it to be false if test is null.
In other words, you want it to be true if test isn't null and it contains mystring.

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It sounds like you might want:

test != null && test.Contains("mystring")

That will evaluate to false if test is null - is that what you want? Basically you need to say what you want to happen if test is null, as otherwise it can't be used as an expression.

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