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How to change at runtime by code (not for groupskintype), the skin type for a sptbxtoolbar component?

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You can only change the skin of all SpTBXLib components at once.

Use this code

SkinManager.SetSkin('Office 2007 Blue');

You can however set for each SpTBXLib component if it is drawed using the skin, Windows look or the default look, by setting assigning the SkinType property.

MyComponent.SkinType := sknWindows;

Hint: Toolbars itself do not have the SkinType property. They are always drawn using the skin.

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Hi DR, I have a main spTbxToolbar, if I put the code SkinManager.SetSkin('Office 2007 Blue'); The toolbar still present default skin, the property SkinType not present in the spxtoolbar,like the spxStatusBar. –  Erangel May 3 '09 at 2:56
Thanks DR, with your comment, I revisited my form, and after delete some components (I think this component cause some type of problem with the skin manager) the code function very well. Thanks again. –  Erangel May 3 '09 at 3:26
Erangel: if you found DR's answer to be helpful and appropriate, it's customary to "accept" the answer by ticking the check mark next to it. –  Argalatyr May 3 '09 at 14:20

I don't know that component, but found this with Google. Hope it helps.

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