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I just installed this "checkfiles" plugin and it has a syntax error. I don't know Python, but I've tried a few things and can't figure it out. I'm wondering if someone else could take a peek and see if anything stands out. It's the very last line of the code below:

   if self.opt_all:
        self.check_diffs = False

    if self.checked_exts == '""':
        self.ui.debug('checkfiles: checked extensions: (all text files)\n')
        self.ui.debug('checkfiles: checked extensions: %s\n' % ' '.join(self.checked_exts))

    self.ui.debug('checkfiles: ignored extensions: %s\n' % ' '.join(self.ignored_exts))
    self.ui.debug('checkfiles: ignored files: %s\n' % ' '.join(self.ignored_files))
    self.ui.debug('checkfiles: check diffs only: %r\n' % self.check_diffs)
    self.ui.debug('checkfiles: use spaces: %r\n' % self.use_spaces)

    if ctx:

def set_changectx(self, ctx):
    self.ctx = ctx

    if self.opt_all:
        modified, added, removed, deleted, unknown, ignored, clean = self.repo.status(clean=True)
        self.files = modified + added + clean # we can't get filecontext for unknown files
        self.files = ctx.files() if ctx else []  #THIS IS LINE 120

* failed to import extension checkfiles from /scripts/mercurial-extensions/checkfiles/ invalid syntax (, line 120)

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OS, OS version, Python version? – delnan Nov 16 '11 at 15:19
Linux... but not sure about Python version – Webnet Nov 16 '11 at 15:20
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The last line is correct modern Python. It contains a conditional expression which was added in Python 2.5. So, I think your Hg must be running Python 2.4 or earlier.

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Replace line 120 with

self.files = ctx and ctx.files() or []

which is the Python 2.4 compatible way to do

self.files = ctx.files() if ctx else []
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