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I'm building some forms, and I want to use formtastic for it.

I have a Question Model (id, subject_id, question) and a Question has_many :answers (id, question_id, answer). So subject can have many questions (and I used nested forms for it), but now I want to build form with answer fields, if there will be 1, 2...n questions, than I have to create 1, 2... n answer fields. Unfortunately, I don't know how to build formtastic for many answers (each answer will have hidden field with question_id).

A form should look like

Question 1
answer 1 (as textarea)
question_id_1 (as hidden)

Question 2
answer 2 (as textarea)
question_id_2 (as hidden)

Question n
answer n (as textarea)
question_id_n (as hidden)

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Watch the Nested Model Form Railscast, then watch the Formtastic series. Those screencasts will answer your questions better than most of us could.

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