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I'm testing our inno setup changes to address a new fix from Microsoft to register a backwards compatible type library for our VB6 application. Here's a link outlining all the details from Microsoft,


When registering this new type library, you have to use the .NET utility regtlibv12.exe which is located in the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework(version of your choice) directory.

I'm testing both a 32 & 64 bit inno setups on Win XP SP3 (32) and Win 7 SP1 (64).

When I run the setup on Win XP, I get a process exit code of 3 (fatal error) from the inno setup log.

When I run the setup on Win 7, I get a process exit code of 5 (aborted) from the inno setup log.

In both cases, the registry is never updated with the new type library. I can run an equivalent command at a command prompt or through a batch file using regtlibv12 with no issues and the correct registry entries are added. These setups are run under administrative accounts.

Here are the 2 entries in our inno setup (64) that does the work required to register the type library,

Source: msado60_Backcompat_x64.tlb; DestDir: "{cf64}\System\ado"; DestName: msado60_Backcompat.tlb; Flags: ignoreversion onlyifdoesntexist; Check: IsWin64

Filename: {dotnet40}\regtlibv12.exe; Parameters: "{cf64}\System\ado\msado60_Backcompat.tlb"; WorkingDir: {dotnet40}; StatusMsg: "Registering 64-bit type library..."; Check: IsWin64

No messages are returned by the inno setup and completes normally with no apparent issues on both Win 7 and Win XP. The process exit codes appear in the inno log file.

On a side note, strictly for testing purposes, I am able to register the type library by having the inno setups execute a batch file to register the type library using regtlibv12. This is the only way I am able to get the type library to register correctly in the registry on both Win 7 and Win XP.

Is the batch file my only option?

Any thoughts on how I can get inno to register the type library directly?

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That KB article doesn't seem to be the one you think it is. Also, why are you using the .net 4.0 runtime just to register a typelib for a non .net application? Inno can register normal typelibs fine using the regtypelib flag on the [Files] entry. – Deanna Nov 16 '11 at 16:29
Sorry. I updated the link to the correct KB article. I'm using the .NET 4.0 regtlibv12 because it's the only one on my dev machine. I'm using the regtlibv12 because it's the only utility to correctly register this type library. I tried using Inno's regtypelib flag but it fails with 'Unable to register the type library: RegisterTypeLib failed: code 0x8002801C. Error accessing the OLE registry'. It fails with either 32bit and 64bit flags as well. – JRS16 Nov 18 '11 at 15:21

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