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how would I redistribute BGP routes (R4) into OSPF (R3), but prevent the route to (Loopback network on R4) from being advertised into area 0

R1 ----- R2 ----- R3 ----- SWITCH ----- R4

  • R1 = OSPF AREA 1 AS 65000
  • R2 = OSPF AREA 1 AS 65000
  • R3 = OSPF AREA 0 AS 65000 & BGP AS 65500
  • R4 = BGP 65500

I did try adding an image to the post but has im new im blocked until i get 10 reputation.

Cheers Alan

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what operating system is running on R4 and R3? –  Mike Pennington Nov 18 '11 at 9:59

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you can work with a route-map

for example:

In your ospf config:

redistribute bgp xxxx subnets route-map BGPtoOSPF

Create the route-map:

route-map BGPtoOSPF permit 10
 !! 10 below is your access-list   
 match ip address 10

Create the access-list

access-list 10 deny
access-list 10 permit any any
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