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The tr background property doesn't seem to work in IE7. I want to make the bgcolor of the row alternating and then have it a different color when the mouse is on the row. So I can't use table tbody tr.d1 td{background:#f1f1f1;} because tbody tr.d1 td:hover{background:#f1f1f1;} will only affect the color of the cell, not the whole row... Anyone has an idea on how to make this code work?:

      <script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>      
      <style type="text/css">
        table tbody tr.d1 td{background:transparent;}
        table tbody tr.d2 td{background:transparent;}
        table tbody tr.d1{background:#f1f1f1; color:#363636;}
        table tbody tr.d2{background:white; color:#363636;} 
        table tbody tr.d1:hover, tr.d2:hover{background:#FFF5C3; color:#FF7260;} 
    <table  class="sortable">
          <th >Index</th> 
          <th><span class="nowrap">Parameter Name</span></th>
          <th><span class="nowrap">Parameter Value</span></th>
          <th><span class="nowrap">Page Name</span></th>
          <th ><span class="nowrap">Page Name</span></th>
          <th ><span class="nowrap">Page Name</span></th>
          <th ><span class="nowrap">Page Name</span></th>
          <th class="sorttable_nosort scrollbarCol"></th> 
            <tr class="d1">
              <td>4_1</td> <td>gfryn</td> <td>4_2</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td>
            <tr class="d2">
              <td>4_2</td> <td>aegr</td> <td>4_2</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> 
            <tr class="d1">
              <td>4_3</td> <td>ryj</td> <td>4_2</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td>
            <tr class="d2">
              <td>4_4</td> <td>styj</td> <td>4_2</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td>
            <tr class="d1">
              <td>4_5</td> <td>rth</td> <td>4_2</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td>
            <tr class="d2">
              <td>4_6</td> <td>srhfr</td> <td>4_2</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td>
            <tr class="d1">
              <td>4_7</td> <td>sryh</td> <td>4_2</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> 
            <tr class="d2">
              <td>4_8</td> <td>et5h</td> <td>4_2</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> <td>4_3</td> 

what would a javascript workarround look like?

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try this:

OLD: table tbody tr.d1:hover td, tr.d2:hover td {background-color:#FFF5C3; color:#FF7260;}

  table tbody tr:hover, tr:hover td {background-color:#FFF5C3; color:#FF7260;} 

replace it in your code:

        table tbody tr.d1{background-color:#f1f1f1; color:#363636;}
        table tbody tr.d2{background-color:white; color:#363636;} 
        table tbody tr:hover, tr:hover td{background-color:#FFF5C3; color:#FF7260;} 

the js (jQuery) workaround

  function() {


.highlight {background-color:#FFF5C3; color:#FF7260;}
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thanks, but no luck :( – sebastien leblanc Nov 16 '11 at 16:20
tr:hover, tr:hover td { background-color: red; } - this is working in IE7 – Irishka Nov 16 '11 at 16:22
well not in my IE7. I have posted the entire code in the question and if i change the table tbody tr.d1:hover, tr.d2:hover{background:#FFF5C3; color:#FF7260;} to your line, there is no change at all... – sebastien leblanc Nov 16 '11 at 16:29
updated line doesn't work either :( thanks for trying though – sebastien leblanc Nov 16 '11 at 16:35
any idea for a JS workaround? – sebastien leblanc Nov 16 '11 at 16:35

IE7 always is a headache, I don't know why IE7 understand background:transparent in this way but with *background-color:none finally works:

And for the td:hover I hope this can be helpful for you:

Anyway, check out these links for more information on :hover in IE7.

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Thank you! the alternating colors works by changing background:transparent to *background-color:none but the :hover stil isn't working... – sebastien leblanc Nov 16 '11 at 16:11
but td:hover works... – sebastien leblanc Nov 16 '11 at 16:16
yeah its a real pain for such a insignificant small feature :( – sebastien leblanc Nov 16 '11 at 16:33
I updated my answer with a few links that maybe could help you. But I still thinking that you should make a javascript only for IE6-8 browsers. – Galled Nov 16 '11 at 16:36
I updated again and in IE7 I see the :hover in red. – Galled Nov 16 '11 at 16:44

The code you have pasted seems to work perfectly in IE7 with alternating row color and background color change of on hover.

For IE7, are you using IE8 with developer toolbar to test your code. If yes then try setting:

Browser Mode to: IE 7 Document Mode: IE 7 Standards

By default the document mode turns to Quirks mode when you change the Browser mode to IE 7. So set both the settings and then test your code.

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