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Annoyingly, Google App Engine has become another one of those projects where they only release plugins for Eclipse (like Spring Webflow) and I just much prefer IntelliJ. Can you run the local test environment successfully with IntelliJ? And debug/deploy a local or live application? If so, are there any features missing that are in the Eclipse version?

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Do you have any additional info on this or what worked for you ? The accepted answer does not work with the community (free) version of IntelliJ anymore, and the method described in the other answer is a kludge. – JonasCz Mar 27 at 19:18
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IntelliJ plugin for Google App Engine integration

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At some point, this plugin ceased to work with the Community Edition. – end-user Sep 21 '12 at 13:54
Still missing from community version in July of 2014. – clyde Jul 26 '14 at 20:12

Yes, you can configure IntelliJ to run the local app engine. There is a blog entry with step by step instructions.

The differences between the Eclipse plugin

  • Doesn't launch browser
  • Didn't auto magically run the data nucleus enhance
  • No deploy to Google button.

You can work around the data nucleus enhance by making your run target depend on the datanucleusenhance ant task. The other two were so minor, I haven't bothered to automate them.

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Thanks, this sort of works, whereas the plugin mentioned in the accepted answer describes doesn't work with the community edition of IntelliJ anymore. – JonasCz Mar 27 at 19:17

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