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Possible Duplicate:
Passing state between pages?

I went through lots of tutorials but still struggling of passing an object from one page to the other in Windows Phone7 Application.

it is simply can pass a primitive data with the query string. but I need to pass, for example a Student Object from page1 to Page2

Can anyone help me to achieve this. Thank you.

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Here's an example of the same question and it's answer. (Hint: don't use isolated storage.)… –  Visual Stuart Nov 16 '11 at 18:44

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You could create some sort of a wrapper around the Navigate calls that takes your object as a parameter and saves it in a static/singleton public property, so when your navigation completes - you can retrieve that object, but if you want your code to work after tombstoning - you would also need to handle saving that object in isolated storage or having a way to reconstruct it otherwise.

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