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suppose this i a "beginner's" question and the answer might be to really understand regex, BUT I don't :-) right now i have a problem with different versions of firefox (in version 6 and previous, file.filename is the filereader method to get the name of a file, from version 7 on it is

so i actually test the follwing:

1. ((/firefox/i).test(navigator.userAgent)&&!(/rv:7/i).test(navigator.userAgent)&&!(/rv:8/i).test(navigator.userAgent)) ? 'Moz' :

2. ((/firefox/i).test(navigator.userAgent)&&(/rv:7/i).test(navigator.userAgent))? 'Moz7' :

3. ((/firefox/i).test(navigator.userAgent)&&(/rv:8/i).test(navigator.userAgent))? 'Moz8' :

which is not very effektive :-) i'd rather ask for "versions up to 6" and "versions from 7 up". how could i change my way?

thanks for hints

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You really need to take a look at the SO FAQs - you havent accepted a single answer to any of your questions .... Accepted Answers = Reputation .... –  ManseUK Nov 16 '11 at 17:01
thanks a lot for that! I never recognizes the sign to click on for that! –  ho.s Nov 17 '11 at 8:22

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Have a look at quirksmode - there is a long section on browser detection .... why re-invent the wheel ...

You can then use the output of that to perform if (browser > versionx) type code ...

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thank you, exactly what I was looking for –  ho.s Nov 17 '11 at 8:23

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