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Consider the following code, which uses two slightly different methods to check _instance and assign it when not already set.

class InstantiationTest
    private Object _instance;

    public void Method1() {
        if(_instance == null) {
            _instance = new Object();

    public void Method2() {
        _instance = _instance ?? new Object();

Either VS or Resharper keeps underlining my explicit null checks, and prompting me to refactor using the null-coalescing operator.

I wondered whether the compiler is smart enough to detect the case in Method2() where _instance is reassigned to itself (effectively a nop?) and rewrite Method2() into Method1().

I see this is not actually the case:

IL_0000:  ldarg.0     
IL_0001:  ldfld       UserQuery+Test._instance
IL_0006:  brtrue.s    IL_0013
IL_0008:  ldarg.0     
IL_0009:  newobj      System.Object..ctor
IL_000E:  stfld       UserQuery+Test._instance
IL_0013:  ret   


IL_0000:  ldarg.0     
IL_0001:  ldarg.0     
IL_0002:  ldfld       UserQuery+Test._instance
IL_0007:  dup         
IL_0008:  brtrue.s    IL_0010
IL_000A:  pop         
IL_000B:  newobj      System.Object..ctor
IL_0010:  stfld       UserQuery+Test._instance
IL_0015:  ret      

My question is why?

Is it tricky to implement at the compiler level, too trivial to be worth the effort of implementation, or something I'm missing?

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Generally, the C# compiler does very little optimizing of the IL, leaving that up to the JIT, which optimizes things much better for a specific architecture. So it's simply not been implemented within the compiler, as that would take time away from other things.

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This makes sense, but do you think this is something that would get optimized away by JIT? – robjb Nov 16 '11 at 22:39
Possibly. However, if you're worrying about the performance impact of such a difference, that is firmly in the 'micro-optimization' camp and you should go and worry about something else! – thecoop Nov 17 '11 at 11:15
Nope, my interest was purely out of curiosity. Thanks. – robjb Nov 17 '11 at 14:53

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