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I have a website that is loading a javascript file from another domain. This javascript file is actually a php file which uses sessions, and in browsers other than Internet Explorer the session data is working as expected - on first request the session data is set, then subsequently this session data is available.

However, in IE the session is constantly given a new session id and the data is not retained. I have looked around for solutions, and have tried setting the following header on the remote site without luck:


This was based on information in this SO question Why is IE7 rejecting session cookies from a page in a frame? - but in truth, I'm not sure the issue is the same one.

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I bet the same thing is happening in Safari too... Internet Explorer won't do that for security reasons, and while that header used to work, I am fairly certain it doesn't anymore.

What you're getting at is that you want the session to persist on the other domain?

You could try using a php wrapper on the local site that calls file_get_contents() on the other remote page and then outputs the file as js using header('Content-type: text/javascript');

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Thanks for the answer. To clarify though, you talk about session persistance on the remote domain - yes, that is correct, but I'm not trying to share session data between the domains (if that is what you mean). Unfortunately, the file_get_contents() approach is not practical, as I need the solution to be javascript only on the originating domain. –  BrynJ Nov 18 '11 at 10:09

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