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I'm using lift-json to deserialize simple objects from a POST request. Example:

{"id": "35", "name": "My topic", "slug": "my-slug", "imageUrl": "http://foo.bar/image.png"}

class definition:

class Topic(var id: Option[Long], var name: String, val slug: String, val imageUrl: String) 

Then I use


Is it possible to get json-lift to read the id as a Long automatically?

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You can do it by converting the JSON.

val json = parse("""{"id": "35", "name": "My topic", ...}""")
json transform { case JField("id", JString(s)) => JField("id", JInt(s.toInt)) }

And then extract a case class from that transformed JSON.

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Thanks! I was hoping to do it without parsing twice, but this will do. –  gregsilin Nov 16 '11 at 20:46

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