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How can you specify an embedded field as nullable? In the simple example below I want the field price to be nullable, if there is no price associated with the item. However, if there is a price, both fields in the Currency are required. The following code doesn't work. When I try to save the Item, it complains about null values for the currency fields.

 class Item {
  static constraints = {
  static embedded = ['price']
  Currency price

class Currency {
  Integer quantity
  String currencyType
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Just define a static constraints in your embedded object.

class Currency {
    static constraints = {
        currencyType(nullable:true,validator:{ String val, Currency obj -> 
            if ((val && !obj.quantity) || (!val && obj.quantity)) {
                return 'Currency.both.fields.required';

Then, just add 'Currency.both.fields.required' to your messages.properties to display the appropriate error.

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That isn't quite what I am looking for. This will allow me to have no currency, but it will also allow me to have a currency that has a currencyType and no quantity or a quantity with no currencyType. So that doesn't fit the business rules I'd like the constraints to impose. –  Andrew Nov 16 '11 at 20:10
At that point you can add a custom validator to verify both fields are set. I've updated my response to show how that can be done. –  schmolli Nov 16 '11 at 20:44
Yes, that would work. Thanks. I just wish the original code worked. It seems prettier. –  Andrew Nov 16 '11 at 23:21

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