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This is probably a newb question but how do I call a model that has been auto loaded?

I had:

$data['members'] = $this->Test->get_members();

But now I don't need to load it since it's auto loaded. I'm getting this error:

Undefined property: Members::$Test
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Normally you have to load your model, if autoloaded not:


If you've a function in your model like:

class Test_model extends CI_Model {
    function get_members(){
        return 'something';

You can load this and put it in a var to send it to a view:

$data['members'] = $this->test_model->get_members();
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That won't work since the model is called Test_model, not Test... – Shomz Nov 16 '11 at 18:34

You're calling it right, except you don't capitalize class names when calling them and also make sure you include the full model name (with _model if it's called Test_model):

$data['members'] = $this->test_model->get_members();
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