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I have a RadChart control. My goal is to make the data bar width fixed. I don't need to auto width the bars according to their numbers (I'm obviously using scrolling)

After searching the Telerik site and google I've come up with two articles. they both talk about the following line of code:


The articles:

The first article

The second article

Actually I can't find the PlotArea property.. that would be because I have a newer version of Telerik?!!..... I don't know Anybody knows an alternative property that does the same thing..?


Note: I'm working on a Silverlight 4 web application

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You can use the BarWidthPercent Property of the StyleSeries class. If you are configuring your graph in XAML you will have to use the ItemWidthPercent property of the ChartArea.

 <telerik:RadChart Height="200" ItemsSource="{Binding ChartData, Mode=OneWay}"  >
                        <telerik:ChartArea ItemWidthPercent="10">

The AutoScale property you are referring to is the setting for the xaxis scales its min and max values.

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